Why Your Business Needs A High-Security Master Key System

To handle a commercial business means you have to reach your goals along with protecting your valuable assets from any damages. You need to do everything possible to ensure that your investment is safe and secure. This is where professional locksmiths are ready to help you protect valuable investments from the hands of theft or other criminals.

A well-designed master key system is one of the best ways to protect your assets. You need a professional locksmith service to install this system because they are certified and have more years of experience working on this as well as being more reliable. They will be your perfect help to ensure that your business is safe from all around. Here online, professional locksmith services are available to install your high-security master key system.

Restricted Keyways

Your business can often face catastrophic situations as soon as you use a traditional key and lock system. If someone who is an intruder has illegal intentions manages to copy a key for your locking system, the person can easily access your office and cause great damage to your business. Each of your employees has a copy of the original key to maintaining regular access and exits your office which is why they can easily open serious security holes for your business.

But, you can relieve yourself of this stress by setting up a master key locking system that prevents unauthorized copying. This key control system is created on a restricted keyway, the key is not available in the open market. As a result, they cannot copy your locking keys without your authorization.

Key Tracking System

The master key system provides you with a key serialization process where you can get a unique serial number. Using this serialization you can identify individual keys and their holders as well as provide information about the keys and the parts of your system that can access it. Your employees can collect this information by using cloud-based key tracking software whenever they want. So, the master key system helps you to know how many keys are being used, who is holding them, and what level of access they provide.

Advantages of Rekeyable Lock

The master key system gives you comfortable use of a key instead of carrying a bunch of keys. As a result, you can access multiple doors using a single key. In addition, the advantage of rekeyable locks allows you to avoid frequent calls to a locksmith. 

This rekeyable system offers a number of security benefits for your business. If your business encounters a security breach, the rekeyable locks allow you to instantly re-secure your master key lock system in the event of a breach. If you lose a master key, you do not need to change the entire lock system; Rather you can only protect the safety by keeping the locks at the master level. By rekeying, the user level will not be affected and so the lock system will not need to be replaced. Thus, you not only protect your business but also save money.

Key Control Softwares

The addition of key control software is the best way to strengthen the security of your business. The software is a secure cloud-based platform that provides 24/7 support to track all the keys and access to information about your security system. This information is always updated to provide a comprehensive overview of your current security situation.

In the bottom line, many problematic situations can occur in your business where the master key system can give you instant solutions. For example, when you fire on a senior employee who knows of your business security holes, and you are worried about what if the employee releases the information. This is where the use of a master key lock system can make sure that your security can’t breach as the employee can’t use the copies of your master key. 

Also, cloud-based tracking systems let you keep your business safe from remote locations by letting you know who has access to different areas of your business premises. Finally, you can take part in the investigation by providing the documented record-keeping process to catch thefts and other criminals.

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