I Love Utility Jacket Women For Spring Summer

Why I Love my utility jacket women For Spring Summer?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. After weeks of fall weather in Los Angeles this past weekend, we finally returned to our usual 90-degree temperatures. I was going to meet a friend for lunch last Friday and it was still a bit cloudy and overcast, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put on my favorite Utility jacket women that I’ve been wearing for years and it never goes out of style. I bought this Comptoir Des Cotonniers utility jacket women a few years ago when we were visiting my husband’s family in London. This is a French brand that has stores in many major European cities and I think they have one in Soho in New York but unfortunately none in the LA area.

As soon as I saw it, I really liked the color and design details, and I knew I would get a lot of use out of it, especially in LA. This 100% cotton khaki fabric is the perfect casual jacket to wear when it’s a little chilly or a bit windy outside. Although you can wear it in many colors like black or denim, I personally like to mix it with white. That’s why I chose to wear it with my distressed Zara white denim skirt that I bought last summer. It was also a great chance for me to wear my new Sam Edelman wedges which are currently on sale. As for accessories, I found a lot of colors that would work, like yellow or orange, but again my favorite was turquoise. I love mixing white/brown/turquoise, especially for spring/summer. I added our new turquoise stone necklace with brown leather fringe and our beautiful leopard print scarf in white and turquoise, both of which are perfect spring/summer accessories. The necklace is here and the scarf here.

Before I sign off for today, I would like to say that I am very excited to be heading to New York this Friday with my son for a fun summer trip. The last time I was there was two years ago, in the summer, to see universities with him, and we had a lot of fun. When I recently asked him if he would like to take a short trip to New York with me this summer, I was pleasantly surprised when I got an immediate “sure” response. We both love New York, its energy, its attractions, its food, and of course it’s shopping. I also have a niece who lives in Astoria so it would be nice to see her. 

How To Style A Utility Jacket Women


A medium-length utility jacket women are ideal if you want to wear a blazer with black leggings or biker shorts. This offers a little more protection than your cropped jacket.


Cropped utility jackets are ideal for long dresses and long skirts, they narrow the waist and are not too bulky on the hips. It is also a great option with jeans and pants.

Utility jacket women outfit ideas

This utility jacket women with lace details add femininity to a more masculine style. The white piping on the pockets and shoulders is so unique and a bit more girly than most casual jackets. This allows you to decorate it a bit. Wear it with white jeans and padded heels to bring out the white color of the jacket. This puff sleeve ribbed top is a great option to keep the whole outfit feminine when you take your jacket off. I wanted to make it a bit more casual and functional, so adding a YSL quilted backpack completed the look.

Another great option is to pair a short utility jacket with a long skirt. You can wear it casually with sneakers or with summer sandals.

I like peach tones combined with dark green. It refreshes the search for spring. This cropped practical jacket fits perfectly around the waist and allows you to show off a gorgeous long dress. Accessorize with heeled or flat sandals and add tortoiseshell sunglasses to complete the look.

With a more feminine feel to this utility jacket women, you can easily wear white sandals and dresses. This dress is perfectly tailored at the waist and matches the silhouette of a utility jacket with a belt. I added this spring new Saint Laurent army green tote bag to the look to tie it all together and it’s perfect for lounging around. If you’re sightseeing, just swap out your white sandals for a pair of white trainers.

Why is a utility jacket women ‘s wardrobe essential?

  • Versatile accessory piece – can be used as a layered piece or as a jacket all year round, most commonly seen in spring and fall.
  • A neutral color – When I think of a practical jacket, I imagine olive green or dark green. Yes, this may not be the case with all practical jackets (I’ve seen some great navy blues or beiges), but you can consider these greens in a neutral color palette.
  • Timeless – the practical jacket will never go out of style. This is not a trend that will disappear next year.

3 classy women ‘s utility jacket: 

  • A versatile J. Crew Factory Utility jacket in classic olive green. It is designed for everyday conditions, temperatures 50-60 degrees, made of 100% cotton fabric. It reaches just below the waist and has a drawstring at the waist to add a personal touch to the look. It also has a classic zipper and buttons.
  • A versatile Burberry utility jacket in dark green. Designed for everyday wear, it’s more sophisticated than the J. Crew Factory utility jacket, thanks to a mix of quilted and nylon fabrics and Burberry’s signature check pattern on the cuffs. It can be worn in 50-60 degrees, has a longer hem with a loose fit for layering, and the belted design (also with buttons) ensures a snug waist when I tie it up. It also has 4 pockets in total with 2 large button pockets with quilted lining.
  • The White House Black Market Utility Jacket comes in cool olive green. Designed for business casual style, it works like a blazer in terms of fit and cut. It is made of cotton/polyester/spandex. It can be worn at a temperature of 60 degrees. It has unique features with golden buttons and trims.

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