7 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen

Most people are not aware of car theft prevention until it is too late. Those who lose their cars know better how much distress they have to bear. If you are a car owner, you need to learn the knowledge of how to prevent car theft before experiencing some stressful situations. There are a lot of theft circumstances that occur in developed countries on a daily basis. While some may be recovered, but many of them can’t be recovered, even their information.

Most of the car stolen cases are seen as involved in poor lock issues in the last. So, it is wise to hire a professional locksmith like half-price locksmith Las Vegas, 24hr Las Vegas locksmith service to install high quality and advanced locks to avoid most of the risk of car theft.

Pack Intelligently

Carelessly parking is a fact that can produce a car theft circumstance. When you need to park your car outside, make sure the area is well-lit.If the area is monitored with security cameras, they add an extra layer to make sure your car is safe. Besides, parking garages can be safe places for parking your car as your car won’t get damaged, but when you keep your car in an isolated garage could compromise your safety. When you choose a parking garage to park your car, try to keep your car to the attendant or a security camera as possible.

Don’t Keep Valuables in Your Vehicle

Many times leaving valuables like purses or smart devices in the car becomes an attraction for a criminal to create an unusual situation. Try to carry the non-expensive thing with you when driving a car. If you leave your expensive something in your car, then a criminal could try to snatch your stuff and might just decide to go all the way and take your car. So, remember while driving, leave valuables at home.

Beware Keyless Entry

While there are many advantages to using keyless entry, there are also risks to the opposite. Many thieves use advanced transmitter devices like an amplifier to control your car key fobs and push-button. The amplifier can pick up the signal from your key fob and transmit it to another device to trick with you. Try to keep your keys far from your windows and doors to make it harder for a transmitter to pick up a signal. In another way, you can keep your fob in a metal container or hold your key by key fob blocker pouch. Besides, when leaving your car somewhere, press the lock button on the actual car door.

Take Advantage of a Tech-based Auto-recovery Tool

Nowadays, with the rise of technology, car manufacturers also change the way of car protection. When you see the worst happening despite your great efforts, install an auto-theft recovery tool that will help you to get your car back before it’s ruined. Auto-theft recovery tools are so advanced and used GPS technology to track your car and provide you information about its position. Besides, the best benefit is that you can lock or unlock your car’s ignition remotely, and it can help you with sending signals as protection.

ID the Vehicle

For the most part, this is the best way to prevent car theft. Getting your vehicle identification number (VIN) will increase your car safety. The number is professionally etched to each window and other vital parts of the car. Then, these not only make it easier to identify after recovery but also make the car less attractive to steal, as they will not be able to sell it easily.

Don’t Leave Your Car Running

Leaving your car running is just faulty work. The reason is nearly one-third of all auto thefts are occurred for leaving the running car without turning off. Leaving your car running not only eye candid for theft, but it’s also forbidden in many states. If you are not behind the wheel, stop your car, and help prevent car theft.

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