5 Benefits of Installing Keyless Locks for Your Business

The type of door locks you are using for your business will have a profound effect on the level of safety and convenience you can expect. Traditional locks can often get you in trouble because you have to take care of a bunch of keys for them. And the keys can be easily misplaced and are more susceptible to being bumped or duplicated by intruders. 

Also, lost or stolen keys can pose a significant security risk at any time, as intruders can release important security holes as well as damage your assets. This is where keypad door locks attract a lot of business owners due to their significant convenience and utilities.

Easy to Customise and Control

Keyless locks can offer you a number of new ways to access your building. You can control over who will gain access to your building, how long for, and exactly on what day they can visit. You will allow staff or visitors easy access when they need it and keep your building safe by unauthorizing intruders.

A keyless access gives you a passcode facility that can be changed if necessary. When you face employee turnover or someone loses a keycard, you don’t have to meet with Locksmith to resecure your building, but you can customize the passcode and set a new one for your building access.

Various ID Options

Using commercial keyless locks is more secure because you can identify users in a variety of ways. Among them, the fingerprint scanner is the most convenient option to give users access. Users don’t have to carry a key to access your building as well as you do not need to worry about losing keys when your employee carries the key. Also, the way gives ease of entry and saves time to get access.

Another option can also be one of the best choices is to grant access through a smartphone. A user can gain access using a smartphone protection application that identifies the user and gives access. In this case, use the smartphone as a key and ignore that you will no longer use the traditional key.

Temporary Security Access

Sometimes you have to give access to your building limitedly especially for cleaners and delivery people. Then, the keyless locks help you to do it as well keep you safe from any damages because intruders will know they have limited access. Thus, You can save a lot of dollars on electricity bills by adjusting the times with access when using building utilities.

Besides, keyless locks help you to create pathways for visitors. You can select specific timers like what time of day certain people can access specific areas of your building. Using these paths, you can manage access to hundreds of visitors to your fabricating whenever you want without worrying about your presence.

Alarm System Compatibility

When someone accesses your building, you may not know because you are busy with your work or talking to someone. This can be even riskier for your business because if the intruder has illegal motives, the intruder can damage your assets.

So, if there is an alarm system when someone accesses your building you will be overwhelmed with a tune that can alert you if you have a lot of tasks as well as you can detect him or her for access. This is where keyless locks give you both protection and vibrating sound to alert you to someone’s entrance to your building and even give you a notification on your smartphone.

Timesheet Tracking

Keyless locks can help you track people entering and leaving your building, as well as gaining access to those who have approval. This system allows you to protect intruders from any remote location using your smartphone. In addition, you will know exactly when employees will start or end their shift.

To sum up, the use of keyless locks can be more convenient for your business than traditional locks because you don’t have to worry about losing or stealing keys. Additionally, you will no longer find the best defensive place to hide your keys. You and your staff will get a safe place to work and easily get in and out of your building.

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